Amnesty International: WeFree

By using a ‘free’ Wifi signal at a music festival, Amnesty International asks people agree to a false testimonial online. Because 90% of users don’t read the terms and conditions of signing up to sites, Amnesty International used that to get across their problem of innocent people being forced to sign false testimonies that can result in prison term or even death. Using the free WeFree resulted in 8603 signatures even without there being an official presence in the music festival

Suntory: Hibiki Glass

“HIBIKI Glass is the world’s first interactive whisky glass, blending traditional Japanese design with innovative sensor technology. Tilting, touching, swirling, or drinking out of glass, produces audio and visual effects of the four seasons at Harmony Bar.”

First time I have seen this type of technology and it is very clever it would be interesting to see it used with other brands and environments

UNHCR: Invisible People

There are 35 million refugees in the world, 300,000 of them are North Koreans but many South Koreans don’t know they exist. So working with the UN’s Refugee Agency, Cheil Worldwide and the Seoul Museum of Art joined hands to hold a 3D refugee figurine exhibition in Seoul. Creating mini 3D figures of real refugees they placed 30 of them around the museum, when found visitors could use their mobile to view their videos and watch their stories creating an emotional connection.

Bissell: Subway

Would you eat off a subway floor? No? What if it was cleaned by the Bissell Symphony floor cleaner? I’m unsure I’d even do it then but the Senior Brand Manager for Bissell Canada decided to shock a few commuters by doing exactly that!

At least you can see that square is cleaner than the rest! Now the subway will have to buy one so they can get the rest to look the same!