Suntory: Hibiki Glass

“HIBIKI Glass is the world’s first interactive whisky glass, blending traditional Japanese design with innovative sensor technology. Tilting, touching, swirling, or drinking out of glass, produces audio and visual effects of the four seasons at Harmony Bar.”

First time I have seen this type of technology and it is very clever it would be interesting to see it used with other brands and environments

UNHCR: Invisible People

There are 35 million refugees in the world, 300,000 of them are North Koreans but many South Koreans don’t know they exist. So working with the UN’s Refugee Agency, Cheil Worldwide and the Seoul Museum of Art joined hands to hold a 3D refugee figurine exhibition in Seoul. Creating mini 3D figures of real refugees they placed 30 of them around the museum, when found visitors could use their mobile to view their videos and watch their stories creating an emotional connection.

Bissell: Subway

Would you eat off a subway floor? No? What if it was cleaned by the Bissell Symphony floor cleaner? I’m unsure I’d even do it then but the Senior Brand Manager for Bissell Canada decided to shock a few commuters by doing exactly that!

At least you can see that square is cleaner than the rest! Now the subway will have to buy one so they can get the rest to look the same!

Tim Hortons: #Tims50th

“We recreated the first Tims store for our 50th birthday and brought it to Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto for a groovy celebration! #Tims50th”

Another one from Tim Hortons, this time celebrating their 50th anniversary this year by re-creating the original Tim Hortons shop & 1964. They even brought back the original staff and donuts (the recipes, not the actual 50 year old donuts!). If there’s one great way to connect with consumers it’s to bring back old memories, and throw in a few extras for the event too!

Tim Horton: #TimsDark Experiment

“Tim Hortons surprised customers by taking away their senses and inviting them to Get into the Dark. What happens next is an experience with Tims Dark Roast that no one saw coming…”

Dark room, customers & coffee, what could go wrong? Hilarious scream happens when the guy speaks though! Nice use of night vision goggles and I also love the way the place looks all painted black, very unusual and creates an interesting and different version to usual stores.

The North Face: Never Stop Exploring

The North Face set up a pop-up shop in South Korea. Sending customers to try on the garments in their “dressing room”, unbeknown to them the dressing room spun round while in leaving them to enter a room with snow and a task to do to win a prize. I like that they threw a different task in rather than sticking with the first, made it work better

Lejebolig: Haunted Apartment

Apparently finding a new place in Denmarks tight housing market can be challenging, and desperate house hunters are known to forget their common sense when looking for an attractive and cheap rental property. To raise awareness about this, wants to remind people that using their common sense is crucial when entering the market for rental properties in Denmark.

I love prankvertising. Though not sure it makes it obvious what it is about, but that doll on the bike is great