Hell Pizza: Dead Rabbit Billboard

Not one of my favourite ads out there so I’m going to add this to the Bad Ads section, purely for the gross factor. To promote their new pizza featuring rabbit meat the pizza chain from New Zealand decided to create a gross, and quite shocking billboard.


By using the real skins of rabbits. It’s certainly got people talking, and the company says the skins were ethically sourced from a local meat processing companies that would have just thrown them away anyway. But even so, it’s not making me want to try it! It is definitely a “no thank you” from me!

HiperCentro Corona: 3D Classified Advert

Now this is how to use traditional advertising to the max. Creating an advert inside the copy that’s all ready there! Using a clever 3D effect inside the classified adverts in a newspaper you see a well made kitchen!

Hipercentro corona 3d classified ad

Evian: Spiderman Baby & Me

I don’t normally post this kind of advert on here, only when they’re awesome; like this one! This is Evian’s latest input for their Baby & Me adverts to promote healthy lifestyle. This time it’s using Spiderman, and a baby Spiderman to dance with! Obviously also to promote the new Amazing Spiderman 2 film but when the advert is as good as this I totally don’t mind! I’d love a whole range of Avengers one too please! Haha


I also love the thumb movement from baby Spiderman at the end. Genius.

Pepsi Max: Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Nice bit of creative interactive work from Pepsi Max here. The usual bus shelter advert space was used to create augmented reality events look like they were happening on the street. Using a camera on the opposite side which filmed the street to show on a screen inside the bus stop they created different scenarios to happen, from aliens attacking  to a tiger walking down the street. What makes it even better is that people actually interacted with it by standing on one side while their friends filmed or took pics

Duracell: Moments of Warmth Bus Shelter

“In this winter of ice storms and a polar vortex, moments of warmth are few and far between. We wanted to see if we could change that” Using human contact to create warmth in the cold lands of Canada, in a bus stop shelter, good idea, even better to actually build your own rather than just utilising an existing one!


The Kidnapping Children Experiment

This isn’t exactly as advert, but it’s one that could definitely have worked well if he had worked together with a charity like Missing People, or the American equivalent. User fouseyTUBE on Youtube created this video to house an experiment that would test the public to see if they would intervene in a kidnapping. It’s sad that this happens and children go missing like this a lot, and you could stop it just by helping and questioning more.