Introduction to Technology Being Used

This is the introduction to my dissertation. Someone might find it interesting to read! It is basically my belief that technology is the future to advertising, mainly ones that customers can interact with and experiential marketing all creating a big future to advertising.

Guerrilla Marketing in the Digital Age:

How Technology is being used to Encourage Customer Participation

This dissertation covers many different subjects as part of the overall investigation. The various technologies that have been utilised by companies who are able to afford it has grown since the era of the printing press to more digital equipment – such as the introduction of augmented reality and other technologies.

This specific area of investigation was chosen due to the broad aspect and interesting scope that this new technology brings into the advertising and marketing sector of business.  Guerrilla marketing was to be the intended area for study but after in depth research it was found that it had changed, from the original idea of ‘less money, more energy’ into something bigger. Guerrilla marketing was once used by small businesses to generate a connection with consumers and to establish themselves in the open market as well as gain publicity from the press. The technology that is now being added to creative advertising approaches is being used to generate the same publicity and communication as Guerrilla marketing (although it doesn’t keep all of the original idea, leaving out the part about ‘less money’).

Large companies such as T-Mobile have noticed how effectively Guerrilla marketing was working for the other companies they have also started to employ it.

For example, the employment of their flash mob dance in London’s Liverpool station in 2009 for their long running campaign ‘Life’s For Sharing’. Though T-Mobile’s example hadn’t used technology, it was the beginning of a new digital era in advertising and made way for other large companies such as Benetton and Pepsi to create their own campaigns which also share something with the consumer. This maintained the interactivity that Guerrilla marketing used to create proposals for smaller businesses.

Through researching the topic of the dissertation further it is hoped that the advantages of using technology within advertising can be established and demonstrated. This will be compared with the traditional methods that are generally being used every day by the majority of companies. The technology side of digital advertisements and also the interactive element means that they stand out from the ubiquity of billboards and posters. Traditional adverts have made the commercial marketplace visually over-saturated so many don’t notice them. The research in this dissertation aims to show how the technology included is being used to help advertisements be remembered. Furthermore, new technologies are always being developed and the future for digital application and interactivity with the target audience looks promising.

This topic will cover a relatively new area of promotion, and various aspects of interactive communications will be analysed. It is hoped, through personal investigation, that it may be established whether or not there are flaws with traditional methods of advertising, and whether technology is starting a new era of promotional and interactive communication. It may be assumed that technology is going to supersede traditional media, but to what degree and how effective will its contribution be?

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