The many ways that could have been used to gain primary research had been considered before starting the dissertation, and because of the topic of advertising it was decided to send out a questionnaire to gain the results needed. A focus group could have been another way to acquire results, but they can only gain a small amount of opinions and an observation of a company wouldn’t supply the research needed. Questionnaires can result in more views from a wide range of people from different ages and different ways of life. When sending out the questionnaires that had been written up, the author decided to send them out via social networking site ‘Facebook’ to use the power of social media. The usual way of printing out numerous copies and handing them out, in past experiences, do not gain the amount needed to be able to produce results that show the general feeling of the topic. As the topic is advertising and how little people notice the advertisements that are produced in the traditional ways, a wide range of different opinions were needed to be able to determine whether the opinion of the author was also the opinion of others too. People each lead a different life, it was not possible to place everyone under the statement that everyone sees thousands of advertisements a day, the questionnaire also aimed to find out how many people thought they see during the day and their daily habits as not everyone watches TV or spends a lot of time out of the house.
For secondary research Doncaster University library was used as well as Teesside University’s extensive library. Teesside’s library held a large range of books helpful to the topic of the dissertation from the most current books on advertising to psychology in advertising. Using different libraries ensured a vast assortment of books, especially ones so far away from each other. Because of the few books on the area of technology in advertising it was helpful to be able to view as many books as possible; this would not have been achievable without Teesside’s university.
The internet holds an extensive collection of resources to view on every topic, the research started with simple Google searches. Because of the topic of the dissertation is technology in advertising this was searched, but because authors are able to call it anything the searches had to be changed to ones like ‘digital advertising’ to gain maximum results.

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