Social Media

I have a full post on social media coming from my dissertation, but at the moment I just wanted to state that social media is a great tool at the finger tips of companies and fans alike. Why all companies don’t use it and utilise it to help their customer service I don’t know. The companies who have a Facebook fan page/Twitter account and don’t use is to actually connect with their customers/fans are fools.
Anyone can create a Facebook page and leave it for people to join, maybe update the status every now and then but those who don’t talk to people or answer people’s questions are missing out on something that can help them. At the moment I am trying to get a new phone, a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc as I am fed up of my phone. I went to Phones4u as they have a buy out policy that they will give you so much towards buying your contract off. Basically I have been waiting 3 weeks for one to get in because they are having trouble getting them because of the earthquake in Japan and was told that the HQ would be getting some on the 4th of May. I am waiting for the shop that I go to to call me to say they have arrived, but thanks to Phones4u having a Facebook page that they actually use I have found out that they won’t be getting them until the end of May instead. Which i am SO very not happy about, I wish they’d just buy one from another company for me so I can have it. But now I know I am not going to expect a call any time soon so I can relax about it. Orange also use their Facebook which I used to ask about ending my contract and they replied to me within hours. Using Facebook means I don’t have to talk to some random person over the phone who is probably in India or somewhere like that with such a strong accent I cannot understand them. Also it’s free haha.

Update: Thanks to my persistence with the Social Media Phones4U found an Arc in Beverley, I had to go and fetch it but I have my new phone! Whoo! I love it!

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