Bluetooth was created in 1994 and has increased in popularity as the easiest form of transmitting data from phones or computers. It was created by Ericsson who creates phones for Sony; it’s a wireless technology and can either be used to send data or can also enable phones to become remote controls for Bluetooth enabled computers via radio transmissions. Bluetooth is one of the simplest technologies that are used in advertisements. Infrared technology was the first technology used, but Bluetooth has taken over for its use of only having to be near the sending device, whereas with infer red it had to be pointed in one direct area; infrared is generally kept to television remotes now.

This advert for Ecko Red was created by Benjamin Busse (2007), it used Bluetooth to allow passers-by to connect to the advert, choose a colour and spray can top and create their own graffiti on the LCD screen integrated in the citylight just by using the cursor on their phone.
Bluetooth in posters can also allow the consumer to download content from the poster. Hypertag is a company who specialise in media advertising such as Bluetooth, they have been asked to create many different campaigns for various companies. They created a poster campaign for the UK film Shaun of the Dead, enabling customers to accept a download from the poster of a ringtone of moaning zombies and even wallpapers from the film. Bluetooth is recommended to always be turned off when not in use because people can send things to your phone anonymously and it could be a virus, but with these posters consumers actually have to connect with the poster by themselves so the advert is not invading their privacy. Much like the idea of the girls talking to men in clubs about their favourite drink, Hypertag have created wearable Bluetooth marketing products, for people promoting merchandises it allows them to just be close to people and let them know to turn their Bluetooth on to receive free content for their phones.
This is a very simple form of interactivity, one of the least engaging types of technology listed in this dissertation, but compared with traditional posters it’s more intriguing to the viewer, to be able to download free content for their phone also is something that will make them want to connect with the poster

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