Sound Posters

Sound used in posters is also another simple technology in advertising, but it can be used in many different ways. Instead of the usual image on a bus stop or poster, those including this technology can actually ‘talk’ to the consumer. Motion sensors placed within the advert are popular; it means that the poster is not talking when no-one is there and also means when someone does move in front of it, it has the ability to make them wonder where the sound is coming from, making them actually look at the poster and pay attention. Some offer slightly more interaction than just those with motion sensors, the image on the right is a bus stop advertisement for Hewlett-Packard. The competition the advert was for was a chance to win a Fender guitar, one of which were actually encased in the adverts. It played guitar solos at regular intervals, while buttons on the advert allowed people to choose to listen to other guitar solos. The campaign might have gone well for the company, but by the end of it four of the Fender guitars had been stolen. Sound doesn’t always have to come through the poster out loud BBDO created a campaign for Pepsi in Canada for Pepsi Access, a competition that had every bottle of Pepsi had a PIN number under the label for customers to redeem them for exclusive offers. The posters were created for the Toronto and Vancouver subways, targeting commuters. The posters had a headphone jack embedded into it, allowing people to simply plug their own headphones into the poster and listen to one of 12 music tracks that the posters play. There were over 100 posters released on the underground, using the underground was a good tactical decision as people are generally bored upon travelling, allowing them time to study the poster and having time to listen to a track.

Sound is one technology which has been used in further technology adverts, the touch screen games and such can also employ sound, making the experience for the commuter to come together. If companies want to try something different but keep the cost of the campaign down sound posters is one of the cheapest technologies that can be used in adverts other than Bluetooth.

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