Other Technology

There are some technologies being used that don’t quite fit into their own section in the dissertation. JCDecaux are an innovative company who have so many different ways that companies can advertise in an unusual way. One of their most popular products is the Opinionator, a 6 sheet poster with interactive press pads that enable people to vote on topics as to what they prefer, like the advert for 20th Century Fox’s film Alien vs. Predator which encouraged passers-by to vote on who they preferred from the films two characters. The case study released by JCDecaux shows the number of people who interacted with the campaign, ‘Alien’ received 285,005 votes while ‘Predator’ gained 251,917 votes, one opinionator in Glasgow received 64,000 hits through the campaign (see appendix 18 page 81). Other versions of this style of advert includes one called Showscreen that JCDecaux state it

“Is a custom built 6-sheet with flat screen and audio. Programmed to perform as an intelligent information centre, Showscreen has touch sensitive menu buttons that allow consumers to choose what they view”

They allow a number of different choices for the consumer to watch, from the trailer of a film, facts, characters of the film or other things more exclusive to the product or film advertised. Buena Vista hired a number of the Showscreens to promote their films Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Sin City (see appendix 19 page 82). Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy received 269,163 interactions over 34 days. The posters results shows the nations curiosity as well as the campaign included a red button that said ‘don’t push’ next to it, and as shown in the results that button gained the most pressed out of all the other buttons.

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