Halifax: Banking Adverts

This is most likely going to be a short post but what the hell. In regards to the recent Halifax banking adverts that are in a radio station, I will quote what my mum says whenever she sees it:

“What the hell has a radio station got to do with banking?”

I get the feeling it annoys her somewhat. But I have to agree, the Halifax bank doesn’t have their own radio station anyway, and it kind of gives the feel that it does have one, or what else are these annoying people doing in a radio studio?

Anyway, yeah it’s annoying and they do not interest me at all, even with the slight attempt at humour which just leaves me rolling my eyes at it most of the time.

This link from The Sun in January last year (these adverts have been around longer than i thought which only makes it worse) also backs me up:


According to the article the Radio adverts have been voted more annoying than the singing Howard adverts.

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