Home Made Adverts

By home made adverts I mean “for sale” adverts that people make on word and then stick on whatever it is they want to sell. Now obviously I have nothing against this, it’s the best way to do it especially if you’re parking your bike (or car or whatever) at the front of your house and you live on a busy road – it goes quite fast as I know. But, if you stick a sheet in your car saying for sale, there’s a few things that you need to do to get it right in my opinion. In many cases lately that people are selling cars, they stick a sheet of paper in the window saying it’s for sale etc. But I have noticed so many that haven’t put the price on it and expect people to guess/call them asking. I’m personally not going to call you up and ask for the price of the car. 1) I don’t call strangers numbers and 2) you might change the price each time depending on the person. I saw a nice looking car that was for sale that didn’t have the price in, but they decided to let us know that the price had been reduced, reduced from what? I could call up and they tell me the original price.

Next issue is legibility. When “designing” their advert on Word, the writing size may look big, and when printed out and stuck in look fine too. But people seem to forget that when the car is in motion, it cannot be read.

 It looks like my photoshopped image to the left. You cannot read that! And to be honest a lot of your potential buyers will be on the road. Some may make the “FOR SALE” in caps and in bold and larger font size than the rest of the writing, but then this is like dangling a string of temptation but as the actual price is so small and the phone number too – not that I’m condoning noting a number down while you’re driving – so its pointless really.

I honestly think, to get the best chance of selling your car, the font sizes need to be BIG. I think the “FOR SALE” and the price should be on a landscape piece of paper together alone, taking up the whole space. The details of the car on another, not so big, along with the phone number, which should take all along the bottom of the piece of paper.

Make the most out of your home made adverts! Think about these things!

Tell me what you think

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