M&S ad vs Figleaves Ad

A while ago it was reported that a M&S lingerie advert was banned for being “overtly sexual” the advert was this:

M&S ran two ads with lingerie models in to advertise the Autograph range from their stores. The Advertising Standards Authority received a number of complaints that one of the ads featuring two lingerie models – one pictured lying on her side, the other kneeling on a bed – was unacceptable because it was sexually suggestive and likely to be seen by children.

Ruling it was “overtly sexual” because the models legs were apart, she was wearing stockings, and she was touching her thigh.  The Guardians Report

I’m all for making things less suggestive and less sexual as kids are getting too much of it these days. But what makes that ad any more suggestive than the Figleaves ad in tube stations?

It’s just as suggestive to me, she’s wearing stockings AND high heals, with a suggestive look at the audience, I feel it’s just the same as the M&S ad and this will be seen by children too.


2 thoughts on “M&S ad vs Figleaves Ad

    1. People complain that kids can play violent games but don’t care that there’s these out there, takes a bit more innocence away each time they take more clothes off, they’ll be naked next time!

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