Mini: Your Mini is Parked Here

Fun, low cost campaign from Taxi 2 helping Mini owners to find their car after shopping. We’ve all had that “where did i park my car?” feeling, I on the other hand took it further at one point and honestly thought my car had been stolen, as I had parked it next to a big brown coloured 4×4 and near a white Mini, and now my car wasn’t there. Panic over though, turns out I’d parked it 2 rows up in the identical place to this spot, and another brown coloured 4×4 had parked in the identical spot to the one next to me and so had a white mini. This campaign, would have helped me immensely!

The stunt was executed in mall lots in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal over December.

2 thoughts on “Mini: Your Mini is Parked Here

  1. Cute!
    As a long-time driver of what in Canada is called a sub-compact, I can relate to the issue of losing your car in the sea of SUVs.
    I actually did get my car stolen out of a hospital car-park in Milton Keynes, on the occasion of my first child’s birth. Seemed like a fair swap at the time, and I recall being phased not at all!
    Great postings… keep it up, Katie – I like your off-beat taste.

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