Coca Cola: Santas Forgotten Letters

If I haven’t said it yet allow me to now: I do love Coca Cola! They are one of my favourite brands around. This video was uploaded in April 2011 and was filmed in 2010 but as it’s Christmas (and I’ve only just found it) I thought I’d share! This video shows Santa going to the town of Santa Claus to the Santa Claus Museum and reading through children’s Christmas letters to Santa. They have letters dating back to 1930 there. He chose 75 out of the 60,000 they have there and set out to track the people down who’d wrote them as kids many years ago. And he went to give them some of the gifts they had asked for back then. It’s very nice, and quite a sentimental thing for the people in it, especially the ones that said “I’ve not been very good this year so if you don’t have what I want bring me what you think I should have” and “everybody says there isn’t a Santa,I don’t know what to believe, so I have to find out”

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