St Johns Ambulance: Popcorn

Good execution for St Johns Ambulance. Very unusual and it feels quite emotional when she’s not breathing and the dad is not doing anything. I’d like to think I would do something in this situation, but I’m betting more on the fact that fear and panic takes over me! Could do with the woman being with me at all times lately I’m becoming more and more accident prone!

2 thoughts on “St Johns Ambulance: Popcorn

  1. Nice!
    My father told me of a time he saw someone collapse at a bowls tournament. With him was a gentleman who COMPETED in First Aid competitions. He was incapacitated by his shock. He couldn’t do anything when it was real!
    I get my First Aid ticket renewed every 3 years. It’s easy, and it’s worth it.

    1. It’s scary to think you’d just stand there, the thing that annoyed me about the dad in this is that he didnt try to dial 999 or anything, if i couldn’t do anything else I’d like to think I could use my phone and get an ambulance!

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