Coca Cola: Happiness Machine for Couples

I love Coke. I wish they did more stunts like this in England! Feels like we’re missing out slightly! This is another version of Cokes Happiness machine but this time for Valentines day. To get their coke, the couples had to prove they’re a couple; a hug or a kiss. It makes for quite a sweet video.

7 thoughts on “Coca Cola: Happiness Machine for Couples

    1. Hi Mark

      I think it’s good, but too long, it needs to be more punchy and fast paced, also he doesn’t need to look at the can before he drinks it, that feels a bit unnatural to me if you know what I mean. I hope this helps!

      1. Yup, I agree with all!! The long “look” at the can, as well as the “Italian” guy are in there were just to add some “camp/corn” to the piece. Basically, this was fun ad-lib thing to get the idea out there. I’m def not a filmmaker…obvious?? Haha!!


    1. The idea as a whole works, I get what you’re trying to do, maybe needs a subject that’s easy to get fast, not everyone understands construction! Also I would take out the twist transition at the beginning 🙂

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