Durex: The Naked Box

Durex, we all know Durex, not to be confused with Dulux. Durex are running an online competition to basically design the artwork to go on their boxes. As stated on the website:

As the world’s most trusted condom brand, Durex is committed to raising awareness of safe sex across the globe. We’ve created this design contest to get people of all ages talking about condoms. It’s these conversations that increase awareness and decrease embarrassment, which we believe will ultimately lead to safer sex.

The contest allows you to vote for your favourite design that’s been uploaded, there’s 6 weekly winners that have the most votes the winners for that weeks design will go through to the finals. The 6 designs with the most overall votes at the end of the contest will go through to the finals. As a finalist, you’ll get a great bunch of prizes, including a shiny new iPad*, a year’s supply of condoms and a bag full of Durex goodies. The winner will get the chance to work with Durex’s Global design agency to get the design ready for the shelves and get £2,000. There’s other prizes to be won such as T-Shirts, and mobile phone covers.

You can use their “Naked Tools” or upload your own design. Enter or vote here: https://www.designdurexbox.com

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