Tipp-Ex: Hunter & Bears 2012 Party

We all remember the awesome interactive Youtube advert from Tipp-Ex with the Hunter “Shooting a Bear” as it was first titled. If not go watch it: Click Here and check it out first before the sequel below.

Hunter uses the Tipp-Ex from the advert next to the video itself, and this time, it’s Bears birthday party, which is rudely interrupted by the end of the world. Hunter uses the Tipp-Ex to save the day, but requires you to put a year in tog o to that years birthday party, and you can do this many times. I put in 2001, and it showed them infront of an American Flag with the anthem playing in tribute to 9/11 and 1993 which showed them in a Saved By The Bell style sitcom. I wonder how many different ones they did! It must have took a lot of planning!

You can literally put in ANY year too, others have stated years in the Youtube comments that they put in like, 200, 1000, and 2050 and more. Give it a go! Save Hunter and Bear! I also love the way Bear runs with his arms up, hilarious.

After the jump I’ve listed what happens with years we’ve put in, just not to spoil it! Years in bold have interactive or something extra!

-500000000 is the big bang

-10,000,000 is a T-Rex crashing the party, with an option to “make them bigger” at the end

-25,000 is cavemen discovering fire

-1000 is Egyptians

0 is naming Jesus Christ

197 is a Chariot race between the Hunter and Bear

600 is Excalibur stuck in the stone which you use the volume bar to pull the sword out

1492 Christopher Columbus discovers America, with Indian fast food restaurant behind the Tipp-Ex advert

1600 is painting Hunter as the Mona Lisa

1790 is the French Revolution

1800 is Cowboys duel

1900 is a silent movie style party

1914 is in the trenches of World War 1

1930 is the American stock crash

1940 is the War

1950 is a Happy Days style party with Juke Box included

1960 is a great hippy style with Bear dancing

1969 is the moon landing, the video and other parts of the screen float about, and turns your cursor into a satellite

1970 is a disco, using keys 5,6,7 you can make them dance different moves how you like

1980 is a Tipp-Ex game of Pac-Man you can actually play

1987 turns your cursor into a spray paint can that you can spray the video with

1989 is breaking down the Berlin wall which you use the bar to smash through the wall

1990 is Saved by the Bear like Saved by The Bell style sitcom

2000 is Y2K virus computer crash

2001 is in tribute to 9/11

2002 is football with a streaker and confetti

2003 is Terminator Bear looking for Sarah Gonner while running for Governor in an election

2004 is Facebook launched

2005 is Youtube’s turn

2007 is Apples iPhone launch

2008 is Obamas election

2009 is tribute to Michael Jackson

2011 is the D.S.K affair

2012 IS the end of the world

2013 is a UFO visit, and apparently aliens like to steal cake!

2060 is a future game style party

10,000,000 is a blackhole sucking the page away


9 thoughts on “Tipp-Ex: Hunter & Bears 2012 Party

  1. I had already seen all these years! but there are still!
    1790: French Revolution 1914: in the trenches of World War I; Also, in many years of FIFA World Cup, there are penalty kicks 🙂

    1. Thank you! I will add them to the list if you find any more let me know! There were a few years I got the penalty kick one, wasnt sure whether it was a filler for the years or actually linking to something!

  2. “2011 I’m not entirely sure what it’s meant to be! Bear is in a hotel room and he’s coming out of the shower and drops his towel in front of Hunter”
    It’s about the D.S.K affair ^^

  3. “Have you tried Tic Tac Hunter & Bear video? Check out my list of the years – and let me know if you find others!”

    … Tic-Tac? Really? 🙂

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