Tic Tac: Shake it Up

IDEA: The Shake It Up campaign took basic human truths and asked people to shake them up. Using the TIC TAC VIEWR app, users could interact directly with the ads, which were also Augmented Reality markers. The AR experiences were all directly tied to the ad, and came with 3D graphics, SFX and music.

RESULTS: The app was downloaded over 11,000 times (11x the average branded app) and was played with, on average, for over 10 minutes. The campaign generated more than 250,000 new Facebook fans and the marketing mix helped deliver a 9% increase in sales compared to one year ago. All within the first 2 months of launch.

I love the many different uses that they have created for this campaign. Games, personalised things, tips, all to “shake it up” I actually really like the design of the posters as well using the actual Tic Tacs, and reminds me of some of my own work I did for my Uni work. I especially like the billboard that says “over 1 million people will ignore this billboard” great stuff.

EDIT: unfortunatly the video’s been taken down. Here’s a picture of the billboard:

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