Dominos Pizza: Safe & Sound Scooter

You know when you look at some campaigns and think it’s awesome as soon as you see it, with a little bit of humour added in? This is one of them. Dominos pizza in the Netherlands have customised their scooters, with sound. Not only to make them safer (scooters are quiet compared to cars) but to also have a brand impact. I think it’s great, it’s also very funny, it sounds like it’s rapping.

When the driver presses the horn it says “lekker lekker” which means “tasty tasty” in Dutch and a stationary engine that sounds like the bike’s saying ‘Domino’s, domino’s, dododomino’s, domino’s’ while accelerating sound like ‘mmmmmmmmmmm lekker’ (tasty).”

My only reservation on it is the horn, it’s not very loud, and not much use as an actual horn, I’d have put two horns on, one normal and one tasty one. Great stuff anyway, and very innovative and creative! Although if I were the driver I’d be getting pretty annoyed at it by the end of my shift!

Tell me what you think

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