Nandos VS Santam

Awesome responses from two very different companies, Nandos, the fast food chicken company and Santam, a South African insurance company. And as boring as the topic of insurance is the agency behind this first advert, King James have done pretty well, all I have to say is thank god for being able to rewind the Youtube video

Nandos then went on to spoof the video for their own advert, seen below

Santam then released “Back at ya” giving Nandos an ultimatum to deliver 62 portions of lemon and herb half-chicken and chips with coleslaw, 12 children’s meals with chips and toys, 74 hot sticky toffee puddings, 74 assorted cold drinks and a Portuguese salad by 4pm on the Thursday to a childrens home.

Nandos took up the challenge proving that they weren’t “chicken” and delivered the meals the day before the deadline, and then again the next day, while promising to do this on the last friday of the month for a whole year

Priceless marketing at the heart of it, great responses on both sides and shows how good advertising can be, and how interesting it can actually get. WHile also showing the different agencies and companies creatives at work. Great fun, kudos to both Nandos and Santam

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