Sprite: Sprite Shower

A giant Sprite dispenser placed in one of the most crowded beaches in Brazil, where people could have a cold refreshing shower during Brazilian summer, where temperatures reach close to 40ºc. With more then 1,500 showers everyday, together with a sampling strategy around the machine. Sprite Shower was able to leverage the brand above all others in the field and consumers more than merely hearing about Sprite’s refreshing power, felt it directly all over their bodies.

I love the giant dispenser that they’ve actually made rather than just installing some normal showers and say they’re from Sprite, much more fun and interesting.


Very happy to have been Freshly Pressed! I believe I actually squealed when I saw haha feel free to comment and please follow if you like this kind of stuff! You may find something you like in my other posts too so please check it out! Thanks for looking and reading 🙂

77 thoughts on “Sprite: Sprite Shower

  1. *shaking my head* With the poverty in that country, why couldn’t real showers be installed for Brazil’s poor — especially those who live underground?

  2. Employing architects and hydraulics engineers is definitely different from their usual payroll of graphics designers and computer animators. They’re really aiming high with this one. Wonder which commercials cost more?

    1. I would love to find out compared to a normal TV commercial. Though I think customer engagement is worth every penny! I bet the architects and engineers had fun with this one. Bet they laughed when they first presented the idea!

  3. What an extremely original idea! Only problem, it leaves them sticky with all that corn syrup. Beer would be far better–no stickiness, and the alcohol being a natural disinfectant!

    1. Also what a better thing to do to make people talk about Sprite, they’ll all go tell their friends about it too putting it into their minds, great amplification effect

  4. I remember seeing one more just like this which cocacola did. It was called the friend ship machine.I was dispensing two drinks for the price of one but they made it so huge that it needed two to order the drink.

    1. I have a very similar one to that on my blog, the couples machine, you had to prove you were a couple in front of the machine to get two free cokes it’s awesome lol

  5. What I like about this type of advert is that people are being engaged. Instead of sitting in front of a TV and starring half consciously into a blue screen, they are actively participating. Congrats of being FP.

  6. I think more companies should think about this kind of approach for advertisement. With remotes in hand, millions spend on the tv ads are not getting much impact on consumers.

    1. Totally, I mean who actually watches TV adverts any more? I did my dissertation with a section on this, everyone either goes to the toilet, make a drink or checks their social media til it starts again. Waste of money on advertising for hardly any people to see it! This way people WANT to be a part of it, cos it’s fun! And definitely a conversation starter with friends lol

  7. That’s a brilliant marketing tool! Surprised something like this isn’t in the US already. Miami, California, somewhere on the coast!

  8. Wow, that so awesome! But wouldn’t it sting your eyes? It’s probably also quite bad for your hair. I think I’ll stick with water for now. Maybe on my next visit to Brazil 😉

  9. Ha! I thought it was actually Sprite coming out of the showers and I was just thinking, but wouldn’t that be really sticky…?! Lol – great idea…well done being freshly pressed 🙂

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