Ostracism 2.0 The Village: Parking Douche

Parking is a big problem in Russia, people park all over the place and especially places that aren’t supposed to be parking spaces. Ostracism 2.0 Russian magazine The Village created an app called Parking Douche, it allows people in the street to take pictures of badly parked vehicles and allows you to input the make, colour and registration of the vehicle to name and shame the owner. The details are then put onto the internet in the form of advertising banners that appear on IP addresses near the accused vehicle.

The thing I don’t like about this? There’s forced sharing. The banner pops up on certain sites and blocks the user from seeing the page they’re trying to read, just like the car is in the way of the pedestrians on the pavement, which is a good way to do it. But, to get rid of the banner? You have to actually share the parking douche on your facebook. That I don’t like. You shouldn’t be forced to do that unless it was a good way to get things through to you like the Mix campaign against AIDS. i Also don’t think it gives the agency a true reading on the sharing numbers, that should be tallied by how many people want to share it not how many were forced to.

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