Swedish Armed Forces: Who Cares?

“The Swedish Armed Forces need to recruit young people to an occupation that in many ways requires you to give up your own comfort in order to help others. To highlight this aspect we created a digitally integrated event in Stockholm to see how far people are willing to go for one another. A person agreed to sit in a small box until someone replaced him. The question was: Who cares? Every hour a door would open, and if someone else was there to take his place, he could leave.

An integrated campaign directed people towards a live-streamed website where they could follow the person in the box in real time via 4 different cameras. But visitors to the site could do absolutely nothing to help him. This time no social media actions helped; no like would affect his fate, and no tweet could get him out of there. The only way to act was to physically take the place yourself.”

Above is from the Youtube description. Great way to actually implement this, by actually allowing them to do now what would be needed in the forces. Also giving a sense of well being having done something for someone they don’t know. I liked that the site that they cannot do anything – which obviously those of us sat behind our computers right now cannot do anything for those in Iraq right now.

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