Budweiser: Goal in the Dark

“Men have 2 big passions: football/soccer & nightlife. They dont seem to get along sometimes. For that reason, we decided to join them and play a football/soccer match on a dance floor.

Idea: We produced the first football/soccer match placed on the dance floor. And to make that possible, we created special suits that glow in the dark. Besides the football field, the (net) goal, the ball and the two referee cards also glow. A DJ was setting the music, the mood, while people enjoyed the party, drinking cool Budweiser. Finally, football came into nightlife.”

I love the look of all this, it looks cool, is fun to watch – especially at close quarters like in the night club – but also because they’ve let people actually play so it is true engagement and not just put on a match for them to watch, which I’ve seen done before but because the viewers weren’t allowed to play at all, they might as well been watching it on a screen. Great visually and also a lot of fun.

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