Andres: Camouflager

Ever get in from work on a long, hot, sunny day after work and you know there’s just one cold beer inside the fridge waiting for you? How many times has that beer gone missing, stolen by room mates and generally ended up in the wrong hands? Well now there’s no need for despair! You can guarantee that beer will still be there. How? With the Andres Camouflager! New ways to hide your beer from the thieves, how about in a butternut squash? or a bowl or broccoli? I think this is great, I especially love the copy in the video, though if there was a woman living in the house I’m sure that she would throw the mouldy bread one away!

4 thoughts on “Andres: Camouflager

  1. I love these ads you post for us. They’re amazing. I just have to check your blog to keep abreast of what’s going on in the advertising world. I need to get my friends to follow you. Keep up the good work!

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