Coca Cola: Share a Coke

I’d seen a picture of this from someone I know in Australia and got excited, I wanted one! But unfortunately it’s not been done in the UK! Coke realised there were teens out there that hadn’t tried Coke (I find it hard to believe myself!) so wanted to reconnect with them. They did this by shipping out bottles with the most popular names on them, so it says “Share a Coke with Ben” etc. They had lots of requests for more names, and they made booths to go around and allow people to have any name they want on a can or bottle. I want one! Anyone out there with one with my name and don’t want it anymore send it my way! I also think it’d be awesome if someone proposed via this lol being the Coca Cola addict I am I think I’d like that! I’d keep the bottles forever!

One thought on “Coca Cola: Share a Coke

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