Coca Cola: CCTV

To make up for not posting anything yesterday, and all day today (been to the seaside! I am very very burnt) here’s Coca Colas advert called CCTV, you may have seen it, and if you have watch it again cos it’s just great, and if you haven’t enjoy! Its nice to see the good side of life and the little things that go on when we’re not looking, thankfully the CCTV cameras were there to capture it instead! There isn’t anything other special about it other than it being a great traditional advert, I’ll say its a good use of technology, I think that counts for this blog, yeah. It does.

4 thoughts on “Coca Cola: CCTV

  1. Reblogged this on Quieter Elephant and commented:
    Lockhaart over on “Ad Pitch Blog” quite often has things which make me smile, but this Coke advert was a douzie. I definitely like to look at things a little out of kilter, and these CCTV clips show some of the more human face of… well humanity, I suppose! Except the graffiti. (That’s just graffiti)

  2. Nice. I’m totally stealing it. I’ll trackback though. Made me smile, and there’s a little tear in my eye (but it is well known by now that I am, in fact, a Big Fat Baby). Thanks!

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