NAB: Honesty Shouldn’t Go Unrewarded

“We’ve seen so many Australians demonstrating their honesty, we’d thought we’d say thanks in the biggest way possible.

Watch what happened, and the lengths that we went to, to recognise and reward Australians for seemingly small acts of honesty.”

One of the best things about experiential and guerrilla advertising campaigns is the reaction of the consumer, and this one contains my favourite reaction to one yet “you gotta be ******* kidding me” his reaction is hilarious on its own in the context of this campaign from NAB, it made me laugh – with the added extra at the end. This was filmed hidden camera style, and is rewarding Australians for their honesty, in a very impressive way, how did they get that cake done that fast? I’m also impressed that people did it over a pair of glasses, I’d have used a wallet or something to be handed in.

5 thoughts on “NAB: Honesty Shouldn’t Go Unrewarded

    1. They are definitely the most fun to watch, I would love to see the others that did it that weren’t included in the video! And the outtakes also lol

  1. Another classic Lockhaart – well done! Brought a tear to my grizzled eye. Re the wallet… I think people are more likely to be “honest” with things of obvious material value… especially with CCTV around. A pair of glasses though? You’d need to be honest to the core.
    Of course the irony is that banks are institutionalised robbery. :o)

    1. tHanks 🙂 and I know, I’d be more likely to hand in a wallet than sunglasses, I’d put the sunglasses on a wall or something lol there is also a certain irony in them wanting us to be honest yes lol

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