Axa: Going to like by likes

I always seem to find out about campaigns like these after they’ve been done, I would like to follow one one day. This campaign is called “Going to Like by Likes” by Duval Guillaume for Axa. It’s the story of Cedric, who had to get from Brussels, to Like Place in Hawaii, using his Axa credit card for young people. But to do this he had to get likes on Facebook. Each like he got on is page and timeline of his journey, gained him a dollar: 1 like = 1 dollar. He had challenges on the way through the towns too by the looks of it, I don’t know if he completed the Las Vegas challenge though “Find a girl and marry her”, if he did, I hope he got enough likes to be able to divorce her after!

5 thoughts on “Axa: Going to like by likes

    1. They are quite easy to do, I mean some people would like it for the hell of it anyway, even if they didn’t actually like it, I know I would. But for now they’re ok, until the next big Facebook thing comes along to use!

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