Bridgestone: Tyre Safety Wall

I had to google if it was Tyre or Tire! Apologies if I got it wrong! Good safety installation from Bridgestone Tyres to raise awareness for road safety and its tires, gives the road a kind of race track feel too, though in the name of safety this could be a bad or a good thing!

It has generated a great result from the campaign though to roll it out nation-wide, a great thing for the brand and driving down accidents in the area by 64%

6 thoughts on “Bridgestone: Tyre Safety Wall

  1. Tire in North America, tyre in right-thinking countries. ;o)
    Canada is infected due to the US being its biggest market, and the equivalent of Halfords is called Canadian Tire. Despite being supposedly metric, we still have US paper sizes here (Letter, Legal, …), and wood is sold in imperial sizes (2×4’s). It’s quite tiring… 😉

      1. There are SOME things I miss about the UK. (Like Soreen). But there is much still to discover in Canada. All you need is a plane ticket and a willingness to jump into the void. It takes about a year to get Permanent Residency if you want to make your residency, well, permanent. Otherwise, it’s a short hop “around the flag” to drive in/out of the States every 3 months to reset the counter on your UK passport as a visitor. Just sayin’… 😉 [And a UK accent – particularly a “regional” one, goes a looooong way socially.]

      2. You moved over from the UK? That just makes me more jealous! Me and my boyfriend want to move over, we were planning on doing a working holiday for a year, then trying to get permanent residency after, but he doesn’t see the point in spending the amount of money it would cost to do it if it’s not going to help us get there permanently. I’d rather go over foe the year than not at all but he’d rather not know what he’s missing. Doesn’t feel like we’re going to make it over now at all, I’m not doing it without him. I love Canada it’s so nice over there, and everyone is so friendly

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