Advertising Chalk Drawings – Part 3

Part 1: Here
Part 2: Here

Next artist is Kurt Wenner, this guy’s stuff is awesome, he uses other props to make some scenes work like canvas boards to give an even better experience or including real rocks around the edges of the paintings. Kurt says he was the one who invented this kind of street art, so good on him, though I lied a little in the title, they’re not all chalk, most are digital and done on transfers and some are a mixture of both.

Kurt Wenner

British Columbia – Drawn under a zip wire to give that British Columbia feel


Celebrity Cruises

Compare the Market – the money looks so real floating around on the floor!

Gears of War – Kurt does a lot of game related ads

God of War



Dunkin Donuts Smoothie – that drink looks sooooo good

Spiderman – Best one yet!

Part four coming next!

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