Olivaria: How Many People Will Stop The Drunk Driver?

“To show how deeply rooted the problem of drunk driving is and to support the reputation of a socially responsible brand we made a social experiment “How many people will stop the drunk driver?” for brewery “Olivaria””

What would you do if you called a taxi, got in, and found out the driver was drunk? Would you stop him and get out, then report him to the company/police? Or would you stay in with him, hoping everything will be fine and he will get you there while giving him tips on how to hide the smell like the people who were in this experiment? It’s scary to think that none of them stopped him, some showed concern, but hoped for the best, thankfully he wasn’t actually drunk in the experiment as anything could have happened if he was. I like the fact this wasn’t a charity campaign, but an actual brewery called Olivaria, kudos to them.

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