Ura.ru: Make The Politicians Work

Potholes, you think yours are bad around your area, you obviously haven’t been to the Russian city of Yekaterinburg (I’ll be honest, neither have I) where the pot holes reek havoc on the city. Although many complaints are made, the politicians whose job it is to get them fixed, are too busy to sort them out, or they just don’t care. So local website URA.RU created an ingenious way to get politicians to do their job – hit them where it hurts, their image. In the middle of the night artists went out and spray painted images of the governor, the mayor and the vice mayor over three pot holes in town with a message. Press caught on and they gained multiple responses to it, how did the politicians respond? They sent out workers, not to fill in the pot holes, but to paint over the images of their faces! URA.RU countered by painting another message next to the covered faces. Thankfully the politicians came to their senses and filled the holes in, but it took long enough! Shame they didn’t do more than three!

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