Rheinisch Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk Sustainable Energy Website: Leaking Power Outlets

“Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Most people don’t care for the waste of energy a lot because they simply can’t see it. So we decided to make it visible.
We wanted to get the people’s and RWE associates attention on the German portal for sustainable energy energiewelt.de, by showing a visible waste of energy.

Creative Execution
Even nowadays humanity still neglects obvious wastes of energy. To show that energy is wasted every second, everywhere, we co-operated with Austrian artist Markus Hofer and placed a series of “leaking“ power-outlets in the RWE headquarter and on the streets.

The power leakages soon became talk of the town. As a result, the number of visitors on energiewelt.de increased by 22 % in just one month, quickly turning the new portal into one of the major addresses for sustainable usage of energy in Germany.”

Some people need to think up better company names! Longest title ever right there!

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