British Chamber of Commerce: Business Run

If you’ve ever been to London, this is basically like London, but more official. Tasked with gaining more entries to the Business Awards organized by the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. So they took London to Singapore and created a 5k race to give the daily marathon of business more of an official feel. Dressed in formal business attire, the contestants had to run the 5k with briefcases and folders, over come obstacles like picking up contracts and deals, and instead of water bars there were salad bars and other things you’d usually find in a company boardroom. Great results from it, and I bet it was rather fun to watch.

One thought on “British Chamber of Commerce: Business Run

  1. I had to laugh. I’d love to see this done in the U.S. and filmed. I noticed at least one woman was smart enough to wear flat-heeled shoes for running — I shudder to think what it was like to do this race in high heels! (Can we say “blisters”?)

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