Coca Cola: Dance Vending Machine

If you have a Kinect for the Xbox, and you’ve played Dance Central (I love those games) then this will seem familiar. If not put you to shame. From what I gather from the video, the concept was you had to copy the dance the people on the screen were showing you, and providing you do a good enough job you get “mission success” and get a free Coke. How they do some of the moves though is ridiculous, and some of them aren’t even watching the screen! It’s very impressive, with a little bit of augmented reality thrown in, it does provide a good experience including for those watching.

8 thoughts on “Coca Cola: Dance Vending Machine

  1. This campaign is really interesting and it is a good way to engage audience. Customers and potential ones get involved in the scene and undoubtedly, they’ll share this funny moments on social media, to get more people engaged. It’s a good way to increase awareness.

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