Adidas: NEO Interactive Window

“Adidas NEO is taking window shopping to a new level with an interactive digital window concept that connects to your smartphone. Now it is possible to shop at our store after hours without an app or scanning a QR code.

By typing in the special URL you can connect your smartphone to the window and take control of a virtual shopping bag. Any product dropped into the window’s shopping bag instantly appears on your mobile ready to save, purchase or share with friends.

This window was installed in September 2012 at our adidas NEO Nürnberg store for a six-week pilot test.”

The interactive mannequin (or models as I’d prefer to call them!) is a cool part of this, though you can’t try the clothes on, you can at least see how the clothes move, I hate t-shirts that are short, so if I saw a t-shirt I liked on the model but when she moved it rose up above the waist, I’d know not to bother!

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