Microsoft: Windows 8 Slide

Hmm. That’s what I say. Hmm. I mean, yes it’s a good idea, it gets the point across about Windows * being “fast and fun” by giving shoppers at Bluewater a fun, and fast alternative to stairs. But haven’t we seen this before?


And the previous one from 2010 by VW, the Fast Lane. Albeit not as heavily branded, pretty much the same no?

VW’s is my favourite to be honest, I thought it was part of their “Fun Theory” projects but it’s not, but should have been. If you’ve never seen their “Fun Theory” stuff, do go check it out, it is awesome.

UPDATE: here’s the video for Microsofts slide:

8 thoughts on “Microsoft: Windows 8 Slide

  1. I wanna go to Berlin and slide on this! My favorite is the oh-so-dignified man in the suit who appears at 1:18. You’re never too old to take a few moments for fun!

    Wonder if we can get this put on the Metro around here….. πŸ˜‰

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