Sony Xperia: The Xperia Soda Stunt

“Delivering waterproof smartphones – secret agent style.
During the opening weekend of James Bond movie Skyfall, Sony Mobile carried out a stunt in true undercover manner to promote the waterproof smartphone Xperia acro S”

Ever dropped your phone in water? in the sink? bath? toilet?! Gross, but most have. What did you do? Take it apart and dry it out on the radiator? Well now you can drop it in whatever water you like, if you have one of these phones. Sony decided to do a competition in cinemas to show off the waterproof qualities of the Acro S. Movie goers were given a free drink before they entered, and before the film an advert announced someone had won a phone. They announce the winner “secret agent style” and call the phone, hidden inside the drink of the winner. Good way to show off the waterproof factor, imaging how sticky it was after though!

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