Audi vs Mercedes

Poor Audi, they seem to get picked on by the other car brands with their adverts! This time it’s by Mercedes, BMW seem to have given them a rest! (See the Audi vs BMW here) In Germany Audi have placed the billboard on the left, featuring two rings from their logo = Marriage (Ehe) and the 4 full rings of their logo = Love (Liebe) but obviously this was too good of an opportunity to miss for Mercedes, and placed a billboard next to it, simply with their own logo in the middle, and the word Sex. Simple, and easily done. I wonder if Audi will kick it up with Mercedes or let them off with this one . . .

Mercedes vs audi

2 thoughts on “Audi vs Mercedes

  1. hmm, by committing to full time all wheel drive technology, Audi still holds an unfair advantage over any car brand – the competitions have tried copying for years but haven’t come close – really. Maybe that’s why the other car brands are picking on them

    On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 6:26 AM, Ad Pitch Blog

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