Delite-o-matic 2: Human Lab Mice

“As part of our research into human/snack behaviour, we built a special laboratory to see how far subjects would go for Vintage Cheddar and Red Onion flavour Fantastic Delites.”

I enjoyed the first version of the Delite-o-matic from Fantastic Delights (Check it out here if you missed it!) this one definitely makes them work for it! Donning a mouse outfit (which I love) and climbing into the lab the “mouse” then has to run in the mouse wheel and follow the instructions on the screen of the Delite-o-matic, making them run faster and faster to get the level to the top to be rewarded with the Fantastic Delights. Best bit about this one, apart from the great mouse costume, but watching the ones who fall, mean I know, but watch how they tumble! Good job that mouse outfit has plenty of padding!

Wonder what they’ll make people do next . . .

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