Ad Pitch Top Posts of 2012

As it’s now coming up to the end of 2012, and we survived the so called “End of the World” I thought I’d do a top 10 of the posts I’ve put up this year, chosen by the total amount of views from the stats page. So, here we go:

10 – Lego: Imagine

I posted about two different Lego: Imagine campaigns, on different topics and both are next to each other in the list, and have close total views so I’m putting them both in one to be fair.


lego turtles

Full Post Here: Original & Footballers

9 – Direct Line Adverts

Evidentially people agree with how annoying the Direct Line adverts were, at least once a day I’d get “annoying Direct Line adverts” in my search queries. One of the first posts I wrote!

direct line

Full Post Here

8 – Coca Cola: Giant Vending Machine

Giant vending machine from Coca Cola reaches number 8, a lot of traffic for it when images started coming on the internet. Would have liked to have gone in!


Full Post Here

7 – Breast Cancer Unit Prague Center: Interactive Poster

Nice use of thermochromatic inks in this one, which is probably why it’s on the top ten with people searching for it.

“Breast lumps are often discovered by womens partners. As a part of communication launching Breast Unit Prague (clinique for preventing and curing breast cancer) we produced this poster targeting men in male areas.”

thermo ink breast cancer

Full Post Here

6 – Newcastle Brown VS Stella Artois

Another great war between brands, shame Stella Artois didn’t carry it on.

stella vs newcastle brown

Full Post Here

5 – IKEA: Poster Boxes

Useful posters from IKEA in Canada in 5

“IKEA found an unusual way to advertise their services and products last year in Canada, by putting up posters around cities on July 1st, a popular moving day in Canada.”


Full Post Here

4 – Audi VS BMW: UPDATE!

You’re all fans of my fave advert war too, placing the updated version of Audi VS BMW in number 4. More brands need to do this, it is a great way to show off creativity, while also being rather amusing.

audi vs bmw checkmate update

Full Post Here

3 – Guiness: QR Glass

Technically the third place goes to my “Thanks for 500 Followers” post, due to the fact I used an “awesome” picture, that post tends to come up in searches a lot! So instead I’m skipping that, to the Guiness QR Glass! Using their very specific USP to create the QR code for their customers.


2 – Tipp-Ex: Hunter & Bears 2012 Party

One of my fave campaigns of the year, so much work gone into it, and a lot of fun to play with!

“Hunter uses the Tipp-Ex from the advert next to the video itself, and this time, it’s Bears birthday party, which is rudely interrupted by the end of the world. Hunter uses the Tipp-Ex to save the day, but requires you to put a year in to go to that years birthday party, and you can do this many times.”


Full Post Here

1 – Sprite: Sprite Shower

A most obvious one for number one, as this was the post that was Freshly Pressed this year, so gains the most amount of views!

“A giant Sprite dispenser placed in one of the most crowded beaches in Brazil, where people could have a cold refreshing shower during Brazilian summer, where temperatures reach close to 40ºc. With more then 1,500 showers everyday, together with a sampling strategy around the machine.”


Full Post Here

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