Sprint: Unlimited Love Billboard

“Sprint, the only mobile network with truly unlimited data, wanted to launch their new popular EVO, the phone that helps you do what you love without limits on the truly unlimited network.

How could we highlight just how much EVO helps you do what you love?

New York has a lot of things to love. That’s why we created the Unlimited Love Billboard, a Times Square interactive board that helped people discover more of what they have unlimited love for in NYC.”

Taking social customer service to the big screens, literally! Getting people to tweet their favourite things to be shown on the screens is a great idea, but also taking it the next level by showing them where it is in New York, whatever they love unlimited. I also appreciate the fact that they didn’t just tweet them a map to where to find it, but also a photo of their profile pic on the screens, showing they understand the momentous occasion of having their picture up in Times Square.

8 thoughts on “Sprint: Unlimited Love Billboard

  1. I really like your blog as an advertising student i can relate to your post and personally it think this type of interactive advertising is the future of advertising. From all that i have learned and seen is that TV that had dominated the field for placing ads is so fractured that its just not trusted. While the internet does have good reach no one is clicking on banner ads but i think this combination of out of home and interactive ads will be the best way to truly get to your target audience.

    1. I’m glad to see someone agrees! Sometimes people look at me a bit odd haha TV adverts definitely have to be something special now to actually grab peoples attention, otherwise they are just noise in the background while people do other stuff! A mix is definitely what is needed now! I’m glad you like my blog 🙂 Hope your journey into the advertising world goes well!

  2. I like the unlimited Love billboard. What do you think of the new slogan by Sprint”Wit or Witout” on a yellow background ? I just saw this billboard the other day. Is it a play on Pat’s Cheesesteaks in Philly because that is how you order onions there? Or is it a grammatically incorrect dumbing down of the American people? I don’t care for it.

    1. Don’t believe I’ve seen it to be honest! Unfortunately as I’m from UK I couldn’t tell you if if was a play on Pat’s Cheesesteaks, though you’ve made me hungry now! lol

    2. I saw the billboards for Sprint in Philly while at a writers’ conference. I found it amusing and didn’t even realize it may be a play on Pat’s Cheesesteaks. If you know it is incorrect English, it’s funny. If you don’t, it’s just another billboard ad.

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