Berrge Tattoo: QR Code Test

I saw this one a few days ago, and couldn’t resist uploading it. An incredibly clever use of the usually boring newspaper advert. Created by BURO a local ad agency to client Berrge Tattoo in Turkey, they wanted to attract potential new tattoo artists while testing them also. One of the best uses for a QR code I’ve seen, they get thrown on things far too much for my liking now, with no thought behind it and even on products that no-one would ever need to scan a QR code for! Creating the image on skin texture they created the QR code as a template, that you couldn’t scan even if you wanted to. Solution? Put your nerves and skill to the test and fill in the code with a pen, then allowing you to scan it. Obviously if you make a mess of it you’re not going to be able to scan it, but in which case you probably weren’t the person for the job! Cutting a lot of the “wheat from the chaff” you could say, this is the only way to get to the application for the shop!


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