Dead Man Down: Elevator Murder Experiment

This makes you stare open mouthed at the screen at some peoples reactions. Honestly, what would you do if you were stood waiting for the elevator, and when it finally arrived you were faced with a scene of someone being murdered? I know you’d all like to say you’d help, but when it happens in real you never know. I’d like to say I’d help, but I’d probably end up gob struck to the place until the door shut again! Secret cameras filmed the reactions of the people the prank, some tried to help including a woman who seriously wrecked a bouquet of flowers, from one guy at the end who not only doesn’t help, but to me does something worse than just walking away. Watch to find out what he did:

5 thoughts on “Dead Man Down: Elevator Murder Experiment

    1. I know! I was shocked! Can’t believe he didn’t even try to help, Id rather he’d just walked away. I believe its for a film that is coming out called Dead Man Down

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