Coca Cola: Sharing Can

In the midst of their Share a Coke campaign than prints the 150 most popular names on their 500ml Coke bottles (I’ve got mine! Probably won’t ever be drunk either! hah) Coke realised there’s one thing that’s always been harder to share; a can of Coke. So they came up with the Sharing Can. I love how inconspicuously they released this, just putting it in fridges alongside normal cans of Coke, no big fan fare, not giant poster pointing the way. Just surprises for people to find after they’ve bought it! I want one! They look awesome

7 thoughts on “Coca Cola: Sharing Can

  1. Reblogged this on Just Jon and commented:
    I’m rather interested in this type of sharing. A can that will split in two so that you can share a drink and not germs — Brilliant!! One quick suggestion on this concept: How about doing this for Iced Tea, or something healthy for you. We all know how unhealthy Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and any soda is for our bodies.

    In fact, many studies show that carbonation on any drink will deteriorate your bones, causing brittle bones. I hope that this little factoid alone will cause you to, at the very least, cut down on your intake of any soda product, if not quit it all together.

    If you want a collectors item, go get some! It doesn’t sound like these will be around forever – or maybe they will be such a hit that Coca Cola deems it worthy to continue. Who knows…

    In the meantime, let’s be more health conscience about our bodies.


  2. I just love that. My cousin in DC was telling me how he bout a can a coke and it turned out to be two little cans. Ended up giving one to his wife and the other to his daughter.

      1. It really is! You know whats so crazy I just looked up to see where all they are doing the campaign and DC isn’t on there at least from what I read so he got it all by luck lol.

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