Game of Thrones: Dragon Skull

I am back from my holiday! I had an awesome time, and as everyone always does, I wish it was longer!

I spooted this while I was away on the very unreliable internet they have on camp sites and saved it for later. I don’t watch Game of Thrones, and I haven’t read the books but I obviously know that it is a major show and incredibly popular. To advertise the third season of the arriving to BlinkBox, a video streaming service, placed a Dragon skull on the Jurassic Coast in the UK. This was no tiny skull either, this was a 40ft example, the size of a London bus! There’s no missing that fossil on the beach! What I like about this is the surprise factor for the beach-goers, and also the lack of pushy advertising, there were no banners across the skull, no barriers, no posters, no people in t-shirts. All there was were a few sandcastles with some flags in.
Great stuff!

Check out the making of video here:

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