Fuzz Wax Bar: Street Waxing

“The Fuzz Wax Bar team worked with Lowe Roche to show weekend festival goers that waxing is worth it. Onlookers were invited to tear a wax-strips doubling as coupons from a male model covered quite literally from head to toe. As more and more people pulled wax-strips from his body, he was left hairless — and completely ‘exposed’ — in the Toronto streets.”

You can see the pain on his face, but also the guilty pleasure on the people on the streets as they pulled them. It’s a hrd thing to resist when someone puts a bandage in front of you and says pull, it is honestly, one of the best guilty pleasures I think, and to do it for a coupon is better, you’re getting something extra out of it! Great stuff from Fuzz Wax Bar, and a great execution of the waxing method. They should go to festivals with a few of these guys walking around!

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