Heineken: Departure Roulette

You’re all packed for your trip, you have everything you need and you’ve planned it all out to the last detail. You turn up at the airport to check in and hand over your bags ready to jet off. Then someone offers you a chance to go on a trip to somewhere you hadn’t planned. To dump all your plans, be adventurous and take a chance on a brand new destination chosen by pressing a button. What would you do? Heineken took to JFK Airport in the USA with their Departure Roulette board. A lot of people turned it down, generally for reasons that were true to the fact they couldn’t be changed like work but a few took the board on.

Not sure I would press it, it depends! They say a free trip, but they don’t say whether they get the money back from the trip they then cancelled, so they have effectively paid for it in a way if they don’t. But they do get a first class round trip, with money to fund the travel experience and they get to choose how long they’re out there for.

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