Popaganda: The Live Quiz Release

“We revealed the artists booked for this year’s Popaganda festival through a live music quiz and invited fans and music journalists to figure out the whole lineup themselves. Three bands performed cover versions of songs by the artists booked. For every song, the first person who tweeted the correct artist name and tagged it #popa13 won a ticket to the festival. News of the bookings spread for every guess tweeted. Soon, #popa13 trended giving proof to our insight that if there’s anything indie music fans love even more than music – it’s showing off their superior knowledge of it.”

I love it when people take things further. Why post posters all over the place and reach a few people at a time when you can create an event just to reveal the names of the acts? What better way to get people excited about the event, than creating a smaller event like a taster?


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