SiriusXM: We Love Comedy

I feel kind of dirty even posting this, it’s gross to look at on the screen and for that I apologise! This is for radio station SiriusXM by agency John St in Toronto. Nothing more to add really, Copyranter aptly names it as “pissvertising”, it’s the worst/grossest advert I’ve seen in quite a while

Sirius XM

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3 thoughts on “SiriusXM: We Love Comedy

  1. Hey there! 🙂
    I just saw this post on my reader and was a little surprised by the comment you left along with it (the worst/grossest advert). I do find it looking kinda gross, but well, the idea is pretty fun, no? Wish it were brought to life in a more professional/esthetic way though.
    Thanks for the interesting blog !

    -Greetings from Russia,

    1. The idea is a good idea, but I think it may just be the shock of the advert when you first see it, first reaction is “eurgghh!” but not sure it really goes away either! Could definitely do with being more aesthetically pleasing!

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